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What is to do:

The great attraction in Lovina are the dolphins, you can enjoy during a boat trip in the early morning go to ridicule. The boat Word sometimes surrounded by catching and of playing dolphins. The trip usually takes about two hours. If you are interested in a boat trip you can pass it on to Aku and he will ensure that the day on which you want a boat for you.Also, there are in the immediate vicinity many ceremonies and trackings of the rice terraces etc

Diving and snorkeling:

There are a number of dive schools (Bali Spice Dive) in Lovina. they were the first Padi Dive Center in the North of Bali and are currently the only Padi 5-star duikcetrum in Lovina. They have a Dutch speaking qualified dive master.
The 2 most beautiful places in the neighborhood to dives are: Menjagan island, in the North-West and Tulamben (wreck dive). You can also rent a boat and on the coast of Lovina go snorkeling, the quiet sea and shallow lagoon are a paradise for snorkelers.


Singaraja was once the capital of Bali. It is a city with good Western hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, various banks and a lot of markets where you will be impressed of the colors and scents of Bali. In the port of Singaraja you can still find old houses from the time of the Dutch colonization.

The git-Git waterfall

About 30 minutes south of Singaraja is the most spectacular waterfall in Bali: the git-Git waterfall.  A road along all kinds of souvenirs stalls leads you along a coffee and vanillepantage to the 40 meter high waterfall. Here you can sit back and enjoy the view or possibly a cooling.

Buddhist monastery:

In the hills of Banjar, this mystical Buddhist monastery. It is spread across multiple layers and has beautiful painted walls and prayer rooms. It is the only Buddhist monastery in Bali and is also known as the small Borubudur. The stairs are in some places very style, so keep in mind that if you are going to run the most efficient way to early in the morning you can visit if it is not so hot. Well worth a visit!

Air Panas:

Only a short distance away from the famous Buddhist monastery landscape the thermal springs, set in a beautiful nature. A lot of people say that the sulfuric water has a healing effect. It is very soothing and relaxing for your body. There are three different sources, from hot to warm. Provides a space for you to Take a bath in all three baths you will stand out as a reborn again

Pura Ulun Danau Bratan:

In the West Bank of the Bratanmeer at Bedugul is located the beautiful Pura Ulun Danu temple complex. The complex is situated on the edge of the Bratanmeer, a beautiful Lake between different mountains, which partly hidden between the clouds. The Bratanmeer is very important for the irrigation of the southern parts of Bali. The temple complex is therefore the Centre of the ceremonies for the whole of Bali that have to be taken into a continuation of the water supply from the Lake.


For the golfers of you in Bedugul is about 1 hour's drive away a beautiful 18-hole golf course called "Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club". This job is one of the top-5 jobs in Asia and is beautifully located on more than 1100m above sea level and designed by the famous architect Peter Thompson

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